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Weight Watchers: How Much Does a Zero Motorcycle Weigh?

Hey ​there, gearheads and eco-warriors! If you’re⁤ curious‍ about the ‍weight of zero-emission motorcycles, ​you’ve⁤ come ​to the ‌right place. ⁣Today, we’re diving into the ‍world ​of ‍Weight Watchers,‍ but we’re not talking about ⁤counting calories‌ here. We’re⁢ talking about ‌the one-of-a-kind Zero Motorcycles and ⁣how much these ‌electric ⁣rides weigh.⁢ So, ​buckle up and let’s embark on a thrilling ⁣journey to⁣ unveil‍ the weighty secrets of these emission-free two-wheelers. Ready?⁢ Let’s rev up those engines and get started!
1. Understanding the Weight Distribution ​of ⁣Zero Motorcycles: Key Insights into the Balance and Handling

1. Understanding the Weight⁢ Distribution of Zero ⁤Motorcycles:⁣ Key Insights into the Balance and Handling

When it‍ comes to motorcycles, one​ of the ​most ‍crucial factors ⁣that influences the⁢ overall handling and stability of a⁤ bike is its ⁣weight distribution. In the case‌ of‍ Zero Motorcycles, understanding this distribution ⁤is ⁤essential to fully ⁢appreciating the extraordinary‍ balance and control these electric bikes offer.

Unlike conventional motorcycles that rely on a ⁤traditional combustion engine, Zero Motorcycles are powered by lightweight electric drivetrains. This unique feature results in a more evenly‌ distributed weight⁢ across⁤ the ​bike, ‍providing riders ​with ⁣exceptional ​handling and maneuverability. Let’s take a closer look at the weight distribution of⁢ some popular​ models:

  • Zero SR/S: ‌ This sleek ‌sportbike has a total ‍weight ‍of 485 ⁣pounds, with‌ a balanced distribution‍ between the front​ and rear. ​The battery pack, located in ⁢the⁤ center of the chassis, ⁢helps achieve a low center of gravity, enhancing stability at ‌ high ⁤speeds and during turns.
  • Zero FXS: Designed for off-road adventures, the ​Zero FXS weighs in ​at​ just 289 ⁣pounds. Its compact​ battery pack contributes​ to the bike’s nimble handling,​ allowing riders ‌to‌ conquer rugged ‌terrain with ease.
  • Zero DS: With ​a weight​ of​ 408 ‍pounds, the ⁣Zero DS strikes ⁤a⁤ perfect balance between⁣ on-road agility and off-road capability. Its evenly ‍distributed ‍weight ensures ​smooth rides on various terrains, while⁣ the ⁣lightweight frame⁤ allows for effortless⁣ maneuvering.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, the weight‌ distribution of ⁣a motorcycle plays ⁢a⁤ significant role in your‍ overall ⁣ riding experience. Zero⁣ Motorcycles’⁣ commitment to optimizing this⁢ distribution is what sets them apart, delivering⁢ exceptional balance, control,‍ and ⁣confidence on ​the road.

2. Factors Influencing a​ Zero ​Motorcycle’s Weight: A ‍Deep Dive into Battery Technology and Frame ‌Design

When it comes to owning‌ a ‍motorcycle, weight plays a crucial⁣ role in determining⁢ not only its performance but​ also its overall usability. ⁣For ⁢those interested in exploring the ‌world of electric motorcycles, the weight factor becomes ‍even ⁢more important. In this post, we will take⁤ a⁤ deep dive into the various ⁤factors that influence​ the weight of a ⁢Zero Motorcycle, with a particular focus⁤ on battery‍ technology and frame design.

First and foremost, the ⁤battery ​technology employed in a Zero Motorcycle greatly affects ⁢its weight. Unlike traditional motorcycles that rely on gasoline engines, electric motorcycles rely ‌on ⁤high-capacity batteries​ to‌ power their engines. These‌ batteries, typically made of lithium-ion,⁣ can be quite heavy due to the energy density ‌required ⁤to achieve a ⁤respectable range. However, advancements⁢ in battery technology have‌ led ‍to an increase in energy density, allowing manufacturers like Zero to offer​ motorcycles ⁣with a ⁢more manageable weight.

Additionally, the design and ⁣construction ⁢of the motorcycle’s ⁣frame‌ also play a significant role in ⁢determining its ⁢weight. Zero​ Motorcycles prioritize‍ lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon⁤ fiber for⁤ their frames. ⁣These materials⁤ offer a perfect balance of strength ⁤and weight, ensuring the ⁤motorcycle is‌ both safe and⁣ efficient. By utilizing⁤ efficient frame design techniques, such as reducing unnecessary​ reinforcements and optimizing structural rigidity, Zero is ‌able to further minimize the weight ⁤while maintaining the integrity ​of the motorcycle.

All in ​all, the weight of a ‌Zero⁣ Motorcycle is influenced by a combination ⁣of battery⁣ technology and frame design.‍ By leveraging⁢ innovative battery technologies and employing lightweight materials in their​ frame design, Zero Motorcycles has successfully created electric motorcycles⁤ that offer ⁤excellent performance while ⁤minimizing weight. So,‌ if you’re looking ⁤for an electric motorcycle​ that combines power, efficiency, ⁢and a manageable⁣ weight, Zero Motorcycles may​ just be the answer!

3. Unveiling the‍ Impact of Weight on Performance: Acceleration,⁤ Range, and Handling Considerations

When it⁢ comes to⁤ electric motorcycles,​ weight plays a ‍significant role in determining their‍ performance capabilities. ‌In this post, we ⁣will delve into the ⁣impact that weight has on three crucial aspects: acceleration, range, and handling. ​By ‍understanding these considerations, you’ll gain ⁤valuable insights into ⁤the true potential⁣ of ⁣Zero Motorcycles.


Weight ⁢directly ⁣affects ⁣the ⁤acceleration ‍of an⁢ electric‍ motorcycle. Extra pounds can noticeably impact the ​bike’s​ ability to⁢ reach⁢ high​ speeds​ swiftly. With ‌a lighter frame, Zero Motorcycles can zip past traditional counterparts, thanks ‌to their‌ efficient ⁤electric drivetrains.⁣ By shedding unnecessary ⁤weight, Zero Motorcycles prioritizes acceleration without⁤ compromising other crucial ⁢factors, such‌ as ⁣safety⁢ and stability.


Weight ‌also plays a crucial role in‍ determining the range capability of an electric⁤ motorcycle. ‌The ⁣heavier the bike, the‌ more power it requires to move, directly impacting ​the battery life.‍ Zero⁣ Motorcycles, with their⁢ lightweight‍ construction,⁢ are⁣ designed to maximize range. Whether you’re cruising through city streets⁣ or embarking on an adventurous⁢ road trip, these motorcycles offer⁤ an impressive range that defies the limitations​ traditionally associated with electric two-wheelers.


When it⁣ comes⁤ to maneuverability, weight​ distribution is vital.‌ A lighter motorcycle is easier to‌ handle, ​allowing ⁤riders to navigate through tight corners ​and ‌urban ⁢traffic‌ with‌ confidence. Zero ‍Motorcycles strategically positions their components to ‍ensure​ optimal ‍weight distribution, resulting in improved ⁤handling and responsive control. ⁢Whether you’re a seasoned rider ⁣or a novice, ⁢Zero Motorcycles’ attention to ⁤weight distribution⁣ guarantees ‍a smooth,⁣ intuitive, ⁣and enjoyable riding experience.

4. Striking a Balance: Tips for Choosing the Right‌ Zero Motorcycle‌ Weight for⁢ Your Riding ‍Style

Choosing the right weight for your ‍Zero ⁣Motorcycle is an important decision to⁢ ensure ​a smooth⁣ and⁣ comfortable ⁢riding experience. The weight of​ a motorcycle‍ can ​greatly impact its⁢ performance, handling, and‌ overall ride ⁢quality. When looking for ‍the ⁤perfect balance, it’s essential to consider your​ riding style​ and preferences.

Here are some tips to help you ​choose ⁢the right Zero ⁢Motorcycle⁢ weight⁣ for your unique ⁤needs:

1. ⁤Determine ‌your riding ⁤style: Are you an urban commuter, a long-distance ‍traveler, or ​an off-road⁣ adventurer? Knowing how and ⁤where‌ you’ll⁢ be riding will ⁤help⁣ guide‍ your⁢ weight​ selection.

2.⁣ Consider your physique and strength: It’s ⁣crucial to choose a ⁣weight that you can handle comfortably. A motorcycle that is too heavy can ‍be ⁣difficult to ​maneuver, while one⁤ that ‍is too light may not provide enough stability. Find that‍ sweet spot that matches your strength ⁤and abilities.

3. Analyze‍ the ⁤performance: Different ​weights can affect the motorcycle’s ​acceleration,‌ top speed, and energy⁣ efficiency. Lighter ‌motorcycles tend to be more nimble and responsive, while heavier ones⁢ offer stability and ‌better ​traction. ⁢Decide which ‍performance characteristics ⁢matter most to you.

Once you have considered these factors, it’s time to explore⁣ the weight options available for Zero Motorcycles. Here’s a breakdown of⁣ some‍ popular models and ⁢their respective weights:

| Model ‍ ⁢ ‌ ⁤ ‌ ⁣| ‍Weight (lbs) |
| ⁤Zero S ⁣ ⁢⁢ ​ ⁤ ​ | ⁣388⁣ ⁤ ​ ⁣⁢ ‌ |
| ​Zero SR/F ‌ ‍ | ⁤485 ⁤ |
| Zero DS ‌ ‍ ‍ | 317 ⁤ ​ ‌ ⁣ ⁢|
| Zero FX ‌ ‍ ⁣ ‌ ‌ ⁤ | 289 ‌ |

Remember, selecting the right⁤ weight for your ‌Zero ‌Motorcycle is all about finding that perfect ​balance between your​ riding style and the bike’s performance. By considering these factors ⁣and exploring ‍the various ‍weight options available,⁢ you’ll⁢ be well on your‍ way to an exhilarating and enjoyable riding experience.
5. ‍Weight‍ and Rider Safety: Exploring the Connection and ⁢Importance ⁤of ⁣Motorcycle Stability

5. Weight and Rider Safety:⁢ Exploring the Connection and ‍Importance of ⁢Motorcycle Stability

Understanding the weight of​ a ​motorcycle is ​crucial for both experienced riders and ⁣beginners. ⁣Motorcycle stability⁤ is ⁣directly linked to weight, making it⁢ a key factor ⁤in ensuring ‌rider ⁢safety.‍ Zero Motorcycles, one of​ the leading manufacturers⁤ of electric motorcycles,​ offers ​a range of models with ‍varying weights that cater to‍ different riding needs.

When ​considering the⁣ weight of a motorcycle, riders should take into⁣ account their own body​ weight ‌and ⁢any⁤ additional⁤ gear or ​luggage they might be carrying. The weight distribution plays a significant ‌role in⁣ maintaining stability while riding.‌ A properly balanced motorcycle allows‍ for better handling, improved cornering, and‌ increased⁤ control, ultimately⁢ minimizing the risk of accidents.

Here is⁢ a quick overview of the‍ weight range for ⁤different ⁢Zero Motorcycle models:

Model Weight (lbs)
Zero S 438
Zero‍ SR/F 485
Zero DS 414
Zero ⁢FX 289
Zero FXS 289

Keep in mind that these⁤ weights are approximate and can⁤ vary based on specific configurations‌ and additional accessories.

Remember,⁤ rider‌ safety should ⁣always ​be a top priority. Understanding the connection​ between weight and stability can‍ help you make informed decisions when choosing a motorcycle ‍that suits your physique and riding style. So,⁤ whether you’re a seasoned rider ⁣or ‍just starting⁤ out,‍ it’s essential to find the ​right balance⁣ for a smoother and safer riding experience.

6. Optimizing Your Zero Motorcycle’s Weight: Expert‍ Recommendations for Enhancing Efficiency and Handling

When it ⁢comes to‌ enhancing efficiency and⁤ handling⁢ on​ your Zero Motorcycle,⁢ optimizing the⁣ weight⁣ is⁤ key. By ⁣reducing the weight ⁣of your bike, you can increase its performance, range, and overall​ riding experience.⁣ Expert ​recommendations can ⁣help you achieve‍ this goal.

One of the ‌first things experts recommend ⁤is to evaluate the accessories and ‍additional equipment ⁢you have installed on‍ your Zero Motorcycle. Remove ⁢any unnecessary ​items that‍ may be adding ‌unnecessary weight.⁣ This could include ​bulky saddlebags, unnecessary mirrors, or ⁢additional lighting. Streamlining your bike by only keeping essential accessories will not‌ only⁤ improve ⁢its weight but also‌ its aerodynamics.

Another tip is⁢ to⁢ consider lightweight materials for certain components of your ⁢motorcycle. For example, ‍replacing traditional steel handlebars with carbon fiber ones can significantly ‌reduce weight without compromising ​strength. Similarly,⁣ swapping ⁤heavy stock rims for‍ lightweight alloy rims​ can improve handling and reduce‌ rotational mass. By ​carefully selecting lighter⁢ materials ⁤for specific parts, you can ⁢optimize your motorcycle’s⁣ weight without sacrificing durability or safety.

Finally, reducing your own body weight can also make a noticeable difference. Riding‌ gear and personal​ items can add ⁢up, so choosing lightweight options⁣ can ⁤be beneficial.⁣ Lighter, well-ventilated helmets and less bulky riding gear ⁢will not only ⁣make you more comfortable but⁣ will also contribute to‍ minimizing ‌overall weight.

By ​implementing ⁣these expert​ recommendations and being mindful of ⁤weight optimization, you’ll maximize⁤ the efficiency and handling of ⁤your Zero Motorcycle. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a ⁣newcomer to the world of⁤ electric⁢ motorcycles, ‌these strategies ⁤can ‌help you get⁣ the most out of your two-wheeled ​companion.

7. Shedding Pounds: Aftermarket Upgrades​ and⁤ Modifications to ⁤Reduce Weight on Zero‌ Motorcycles

There’s⁢ no doubt that Zero Motorcycles​ are a‍ force to‌ be reckoned with in the electric motorcycle industry. They’re sleek, powerful, and eco-friendly. But one thing that riders often wonder about ⁣is just how much these bikes⁤ weigh. Weight plays⁣ an ‍important role in ‌a motorcycle’s performance, ‌handling, ⁣and maneuverability, so it’s a crucial factor to consider.

When ‍it comes to the weight of Zero Motorcycles, it varies ⁤depending on the model and​ the specific configuration. Generally,⁣ most Zero motorcycles‌ weigh ⁢between 300 ⁤to 500 pounds. Here’s a quick ‌breakdown ⁢of ⁣the weight range for some‍ popular models:

– Zero SR/S: ​With its ‌streamlined ‌design and cutting-edge ‌technology, the SR/S​ weighs⁤ in at around 498⁤ pounds.‌ Its lightweight‍ frame is⁢ optimized for high-speed performance ​and ​agile handling.

– ⁢Zero FXS: This urban assault ‌weapon weighs approximately ‌284 pounds, making it incredibly nimble‌ and ‍ideal⁣ for zipping through‍ city streets ‌and ⁣tackling tight corners with ease.

Now, if​ shedding pounds is your‍ goal, fear not!⁣ There are aftermarket upgrades and modifications available to help ‌reduce ⁤the weight of Zero ‌Motorcycles even further. Here are some ⁢popular options to ​consider:

1. Carbon ⁣Fiber Body ⁣Panels: Replace the‌ stock⁤ body panels⁣ with lightweight carbon fiber alternatives. Not only will ‌this ⁢significantly reduce​ the⁣ bike’s⁢ weight, but it will also enhance ​its aesthetics with a sleek ⁤and​ modern look.

2. Aluminum​ or Titanium Fasteners: Swapping ‍out the stock fasteners with ones made from​ lightweight materials like⁢ aluminum ‌or titanium​ can⁤ make a noticeable difference ⁣in reducing⁣ overall weight.

3. Lithium-Ion Battery Upgrade: Upgrading your ⁢motorcycle’s battery to‍ a lighter​ and ‍more advanced lithium-ion option ‌can ⁣help shave off some pounds without ⁤compromising on range ⁣or ⁣performance.

Remember, when making any ‍modifications to your Zero ⁢Motorcycle,⁣ it’s ⁤essential to consult‍ with experienced professionals or‍ refer ‍to ⁢the manufacturer’s guidelines ⁢to ensure safety and⁢ compatibility. So, if you’re looking to shed some pounds and enhance your riding​ experience, don’t hesitate to ⁣explore these aftermarket upgrades ⁣and modifications for ⁣your ⁤Zero Motorcycle.
8. Practical Weight Management ‍Tips for Everyday Riders: Carrying Luggage, Passengers, and⁢ Accessories

8. Practical Weight Management Tips⁤ for Everyday Riders: Carrying Luggage,⁢ Passengers, and Accessories

When it comes to riding motorcycles, weight management becomes ​a crucial factor,‌ especially if you often find⁤ yourself‌ carrying luggage,⁣ passengers,⁤ or other accessories. While the weight of a Zero Motorcycle might⁢ vary depending on‌ the model you choose, ⁢it’s⁣ important‌ to understand how ​these additional loads can impact ⁤your overall⁣ riding experience.

1. Know your motorcycle’s weight limit: Before⁣ you start adding extra weight, familiarize yourself with your motorcycle’s weight capacity. ‍Exceeding ​these limits can affect your balance, ​maneuverability, and even the longevity of ​your bike.

2. ⁣ Choose lightweight⁣ luggage options: If you’re planning a long trip or just need⁤ extra storage space, consider using lightweight and compact luggage solutions. Opt ​for saddlebags or ⁤tail bags that are specifically designed for ‍motorcycles. These accessories are not only convenient but‍ also help distribute⁤ the⁣ weight⁣ evenly, ensuring ⁢a more stable ride.

3. Adapt your riding style: ​When ⁣carrying extra weight, ⁤it’s important to adjust your riding ⁤technique. Take​ turns ​and corners at ⁤a slower pace ‍to maintain​ better control. Give yourself more braking distance, as the added weight can affect‍ stopping⁢ distances. ‍Additionally, be ⁢cautious when accelerating to avoid straining the bike’s‌ engine.

Remember, proper‍ weight management is essential for a safe and enjoyable riding experience. By ⁢following these practical ⁣tips, you⁤ can confidently ​navigate⁢ the roads ⁢while carrying luggage, passengers, or ‌accessories on your Zero Motorcycle.

9. How Does ‍Weight Affect Charging ⁤and ⁤Battery Life ⁢on Zero Motorcycles? Insights and Best Practices

9. How‍ Does Weight ⁤Affect Charging and Battery Life ‍on​ Zero Motorcycles?⁣ Insights and Best Practices

When ​it ‌comes to‌ Zero Motorcycles, weight‌ plays a crucial ⁤role in both the charging process​ and battery life. Understanding how weight ‌affects these aspects can help riders‌ optimize their experience and prolong the⁢ lifespan⁤ of their motorcycles’ batteries.

Firstly,​ it’s​ important to know that ‍Zero ‍Motorcycles come in different ‌models, and thus, their ⁤weights‍ vary. A typical⁢ Zero Motorcycle weighs between 250 to 450 pounds,‌ making them ⁢significantly‍ lighter than traditional ​gas-powered⁢ motorcycles. This reduced weight not only contributes to better handling and maneuverability, but‍ also has a ⁤direct impact on the charging time​ and battery life.

With a lighter weight, ⁤Zero​ Motorcycles require less ⁣power to move, ‌resulting in improved energy efficiency. ⁢This means ​that the battery will last longer, allowing riders to ⁢cover more‌ distance on a single charge. ⁣Additionally, the charging⁢ process becomes quicker due to the lower energy requirements. With⁤ less battery capacity to fill, riders can enjoy a shorter charging time ⁤and⁣ get ⁢back on⁣ the road in no ⁤time.

To‍ further enhance battery life on⁣ Zero Motorcycles,⁣ there are a few best practices to⁢ keep ‍in mind:

  • Try to minimize unnecessary ‍weight by removing any⁣ additional accessories or ​gear that may not ​be needed ⁤for your ​ride. This will ​not only reduce the overall ‍weight ​but also improve aerodynamics.
  • Plan your routes wisely, taking into consideration the ​terrain and‍ elevation changes. Riding uphill demands more power ⁣and​ puts ⁢more strain on the battery, ⁣so it’s important ‍to ​factor this​ into your journey.
  • Regularly ⁤maintain⁤ your motorcycle’s ⁤tire pressure as it affects overall performance. Properly inflated tires ‍will ​reduce rolling⁤ resistance⁢ and maximize energy efficiency.

By keeping these insights and best practices in⁢ mind,‌ you can make the ‍most out of ​your Zero ⁤Motorcycle’s battery‍ life ‍and enjoy an optimized riding experience. Remember, weight matters, but with⁣ proper knowledge and care, you ⁤can ride ⁣with confidence and ⁤efficiency!

10. ⁤The ‍Future of ‍Weight ⁤Reduction in Electric Motorcycles: Technological Advancements to⁢ Expect⁢ from Zero

10.‍ The ⁢Future‍ of Weight Reduction in Electric Motorcycles: Technological Advancements to Expect from Zero

Weight plays a ‌crucial role in the ‌performance and efficiency of ⁢electric motorcycles. The team at Zero Motorcycles ⁣is constantly pushing the boundaries to‌ reduce⁣ the⁤ weight⁢ of their electric bikes, resulting in improved handling, acceleration, and range. With advancements in technology, ⁢we can expect some ⁢exciting developments in ‌weight‍ reduction⁣ for future‍ Zero Motorcycles.

1. ‍Lightweight Materials: Zero Motorcycles is likely ‍to ​explore the use of lightweight materials ⁤such as carbon ⁤fiber ‌and aluminum alloys. These ​materials offer high strength-to-weight⁣ ratios, allowing for ‍significant weight⁢ savings ⁢without ‌compromising structural ⁤integrity.

2. Battery Innovations: Battery‌ technology is a ‌key‌ area⁤ where weight reduction can be achieved. Zero Motorcycles may introduce‌ advanced lithium-ion batteries that⁤ are⁤ not only more energy-dense but also lighter. ⁢This would enable riders to go further on ​a ‍single⁣ charge while reducing the overall ⁣weight of the bike.

3. Design‌ Optimization: Zero Motorcycles may employ advanced ⁤computer ⁢simulations​ and optimization⁤ techniques⁤ to ⁢design lighter yet sturdy ⁣motorcycle frames ⁣and components. ‍By eliminating unnecessary materials​ and optimizing the⁣ overall ⁤design, they ‌can ⁢minimize weight while maintaining structural​ integrity.

4. Motor Efficiency: As motor technology⁢ continues ⁤to evolve, Zero Motorcycles may develop more ⁤efficient electric⁢ motors that ​are lighter without ⁤compromising‌ on power output. These advancements‍ could‌ result ⁤in ​reduced weight and increased⁤ performance.

5.⁢ Integration of Smart Systems: Zero​ Motorcycles⁤ may​ develop intelligent systems that actively ‍monitor weight distribution and⁣ adjust​ power ⁤delivery accordingly.‍ This could​ improve overall handling ‍and stability while ⁤optimizing ‌weight distribution for ‍different⁤ riding‌ conditions.

6. ‍Collaboration with Industry Partners: ⁤Zero Motorcycles⁣ might ‍collaborate with other‌ technology companies and manufacturers to leverage their expertise⁤ in materials science,‌ battery technology,‍ and motor development. Such collaborations could lead to breakthrough⁢ innovations in weight reduction.

Reducing weight ​in electric motorcycles is ‍an⁢ ongoing challenge, but with continuous technological advancements, ⁢Zero Motorcycles is​ poised ⁤to deliver lighter ⁢and more efficient‌ bikes in the‍ future. ​As‌ they embrace cutting-edge materials, optimize ​design, and collaborate with industry​ partners,⁤ the⁢ future ⁤of weight reduction in electric ‍motorcycles looks promising. ⁤Stay tuned ⁣for more updates from Zero ⁢Motorcycles as they pioneer the path to lighter electric motorcycles. In conclusion, if you’ve been⁣ wondering​ about​ the weight of Zero motorcycles, we ⁣hope this article helped answer⁣ your‌ burning questions. As the ⁢pioneers ⁢of electric motorcycles, Zero certainly knows a⁤ thing or two about creating⁢ lightweight and‌ efficient machines. Whether you’re‍ a ‍weight-conscious rider or simply curious⁤ about the⁢ technology behind these ⁣sleek⁣ bikes, the Zero models⁢ offer impressive weight savings without sacrificing power or performance. So,⁤ next time you see a⁤ Zero motorcycle ​cruising ⁤by,⁤ you’ll ​have a ‌good idea of ⁣just how ​light and⁢ nimble these two-wheeled‌ wonders​ truly are.‍ Happy ​riding!

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